What does it mean to be a mum in the 21st Century?

Written by: Michaela Drake


The 21st Century mum, better known as the 'super mum' is often a mum who combines family responsibilities with a career, or other hobbies & commitments.

The modern mum tends to be highly concerned about shaping their children’s futures and giving them the right tools to succeed in life.


How do they do it?



In some situations, the age of the stay-at-home mum has come and gone, and the 21st Century mum prides herself in attempting to strike the perfect balance between work and family life.  A recent study from The Huffington Post show that 22% achieve this by leaving work early some days, or working at home, whilst an impressive 27% manage this by hiring a babysitter or nanny for occasional or regular social engagements (or just to have a nap in peace!)Mentalities have changed and it is far more socially acceptable for mums to use childcare or ask friends to babysit some evenings to maintain their social and married life. Everyone understands that in order to continue being supermum, you need a break!



The modern mum tends to have a different philosophy re child-rearing to those of previous centuries. They are "neo-bobo” mums- according to the French fashionable media term of today, that believe that opening a dialogue is just as essential at home as setting limits. Instead of putting children on a set road, they aim to provide the tools in which their child can craft their path themselves.



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The modern mum sees no problem in letting their kids make their own age-appropriate choices and in fact encourage this to help their child feel powerful and more willing to take responsibility for themselves, within boundaries of course.She often achieves this by leading by example, and making herself the role model she believes her children needs.



Technology has become a real partner for parents and helped them cope with the pressures of a modern-day parenting. Watching television with the kids, using the internet to help with homework, online services such as banking and supermarket shopping and researching fun activities & events to attend with the family. The modern day mum utilises technology wherever possible to make their family lives easier. No more standing in queues buying tickets or traipsing round the supermarket dragging along reluctant toddlers. The time saved can be used for family time!

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