Travel hacks for Family Holidays

Written by: Michaela Drake

Travelling with kids has never been easy. We have a few suggestions that could change your travelling experience and make it a great family journey!


Surprise Surprise

If going on long car/train/plane journey take a small goody bag of ‘new’ small toys or games - or maybe old ones they have forgotten about. This way when they start getting bored you can introduce something new to occupy them for the next part of the journey. You can also play on the ‘surprise’ of it, and use it as rewards to reduce the inevitable.... ‘are we nearly there yet’!



Bring crafty things, that are simple and easy - and not messy - crayons, colouring books etc. Our favourite is an old pair of socks and some sticky eyes and a sticky tongue. Hours of fun making, and then playing with (creating stories, puppet shows, singing along with radio etc). One of our babysitters kept a 3 year old happy with just one sock, and one pair of sticky eyes for a 3.5 hour flight !!


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Night/Day travelling

For night flights, pack pyjamas and comfy slippers/dressing gowns and stories, and do the whole ‘bedtime’ routine as at home, and get them in the zone for falling asleep. If they won’t switch off especially during day time travelling, sticking a film on the iPad and making them super comfy and cosy, they’ll be asleep within half an hour. In fact over 50% of London mums agree that an iPad is an essential tool for travelling.


Tasty treats

Bring snacks or buy some that are liked by your brood at the airport. Healthy snacks that take ages to eat for a toddler are great for keeping them occupied for a while.  Little raisin boxes, coconut chips, Bear nibbles. Sometimes the plane food is not very kid friendly, but they always have bread rolls, and cheese, and jam. So make friends with the air hostess and ask for some of these supplies. Some children won’t sleep or relax if they are hungry, so feed them whatever they like. You can forget the rules on healthiness for travelling, it’s worth it for an easy journey...!