Interview with a London based nanny

Written by: Michaela Drake

It's always great to learn just a bit more about our babysitters. Meet Blanca, an enthusiastic young teacher who finds interacting with kids fascinating and full of suprises.  


Why do you like babysitting?

I have been babysitting for the last few years and I find it fascinating. Children are amazing to work with because they full of surprises, always having something new to tell, show and do with you. We can play a lot of fun games and do activities that they enjoy and I can also help them with their studies when needed, because I am a teacher.


If you were an animated character, who would you be and why?

If I were an animated character, I would be Duchess from The Aristocats. I think the biggest similarity is the way we treat the people around us. She is caring, calm and loves her children, just like me. She shows great strength, as she is raising three children by herself but she always shows her love for them and never gets angry. I am strong and patient too, which are key character traits for any babysitter. 


What’s your favourite activity to do with kids?

I think it’s important to do a variety of activities with kids, but among my favourites is arts and crafts. Children can express themselves using different materials and grow through learning new techniques, such as chalk painting or playdough modelling. I also enjoy outdoor activities, hide and seek, football and more, but my overall favourite thing to do is to read a good story, especially if the children help!


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What are you currently doing? (Studying/working full time/part time)

I am a young teacher, working full time in a lovely school. I teach in Early Years and I love my job. I am always looking for new and challenging activities giving me a lot of experience with children. I know a lot of songs, stories and games that are fun and also stimulating for children and I also have knowledge of child psychology.


When was the last time you felt pride in your job whilst looking after children?

Every time I made a child smile, I feel proud of myself. The last time, I was looking after a 3-years-old girl and I convinced her to go to sleep early with a big smile after reading her more than ten fairy-tales. I felt very proud because I had been told that she never wanted to go to sleep so early before!


What benefit do you think you will get from using Poppins App?

I think Poppins app will be very beneficial for all the users - parents can find a trustworthy babysitter very quickly and relax knowing that their children are in good hands; babysitters will be able find a lovely family that lives nearby and can develop a deeper relationship with the children they are looking after.


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