Interview with a London based mum.

Written by: Michaela Drake


What is it really like being a Mum?

The job of a mum continuously changes over the years but there are generally four key things that every mother would agree are the most important..

1. Keep your child safe and healthy
2. Give them love whilst supporting their independence.
3. Teach them life values, politeness, social awareness and ambitiousness.
4. Train and guide them to survive on their own


How many children do you have?

I have two girls and one boy. Valentine is four, Elio is six and Sophia is ten (going on thirty).

What type of parenting style do you think you have?

I try to have a sort of half-and-half parenting style. I am strict when I need to be, but not overboard because I want to feel close to them. I want them to know that they can trust me and talk to me about anything knowing I will never judge them.
I support them in every important steps and choices they make while showing them a certain hierarchy in the family. I am their friend but I am their mother first.

How do you manage your time with your children?

With my older girl, I try to have time for homework, school and duties but also time for leisurely things together like sports, dance class or painting.
With the little ones it's pretty much game time every day to teach them simple things: learning to colour, practising focus, learning to play with others and learn how to accept defeat are to name a few.

Do you work? If so, what is your organization?

Not at the moment! I am on leave to care for a child under 8 years.


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Babies go through different stages as they develop.
Which has been the most challenging so far?

It has to be when my little cat first learnt that he could say no and therefore did so in pretty much any situation. That was a tough time. I felt that I was losing control but then I realised that he was actually growing and affirming himself. I just had to make him understand the difference between what he could and couldn't say no to, which as you can imagine was also a fun time!

Do you think it is more difficult to be a mother nowadays or at the time of your parents?

More difficult? Definitely! Nowadays temptations are everywhere. Internet is a plus on the surface, but it also has its dangers too, which I'm sure any parent will tell you.
There are a lot of new ways to help you as a parent, but also a lot more things for you to worry about for the future.

You say that you are worried. Are you afraid of the future for your children?

If I'm being honest, then yes. These days’ further education and degrees seem to be a priority, and expensive too (especially if you have more than one child). I mean, long gone are the days when you could home school your child without judgement, and education moves so quickly these days I wouldn't even know where to begin.

What are the key values you would like to teach your children?

Politeness and basic manners definitely. Also, the value of things like money and family, and a strong work ethic.

What are you most proud of as a mother?

That I've got this far! I know my children are health, and the fact that they feel good in their bodies and minds is a priority to me, and of the up-most importance.
They are my loves. I could go on and on about them if anyone asks me and usually I tend to go totally overboard, like most mothers do. But then again, there's nothing wrong with that... is there?

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