How to make yourself a better ‘morning person’

Written by: Michaela Drake

The early bird catches the... blah blah blah. No matter how many beneficial proverbs there may be promoting the joys of waking up early and seizing the day it still doesn’t help much when your alarm goes off bright and early and the pull of tiredness is greater than any gravitational force out there. As habitual night owls/terrible morning people, we thought we’d try out some tips and tricks we’ve heard on the grape vine and see if it brought us any closer to being shiny happy people holding hands.

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So, here’s our verdict….

  1. Give yourself some motivation:
    We took this to mean food- one of life’s greatest motivators. Whilst having cracking fry up was a more joyful way to start the day than the classic marmite on toast- in reality, the time it took us to prepare, cook and clean up all the pots and pans was not worth the hassle and I don’t think it’s a strong enough pull to get us out of bed 40 minutes earlier than needed!


  1. Avoid screens of all kind after 6 p.m.:
    This idea was met with a scoff and an almighty eye-roll. While these tips mean well, and may have some scientific significance behind them, this one is ridiculously impractical. The idea of avoiding screens is that is prevents the imbalance of melatonin release during sleep (the hormone responsible for regulating our sleep cycles and giving us a restful sleep). However, when you arrive home after work at 7pm all we want to do is veg in front of the T.V. and catch up on your latest series. And whilst we’d love to just turn off our phones after 6p.m. this sometimes just is not possible. So, we’d also veto this one.


  1. Let the sunshine in:
    Now this one appealed to us- mostly because it involved minimal effort in the morning. Naturally, we’re conditioned to associate darkness with sleepiness, so lying in a dark bedroom (dungeon) in the morning isn’t going to spur us into action. Quick fix? Open your curtains and let that light flood in- unless it’s winter, in which case turn on the lamp. Apart from giving your retinas a quick shock we found this one actually worked in preventing the endless snooze. Easy and effective.


  1. Play around with your alarm:
    There are contrasting opinions on this one- some say the loud screeching alarm is so horrible it forces them out of bed to turn it off, whilst others opt for the gentle chimes to ease them out of sleep and start the day. To each their own, but why not mix up your regular alarm and see if any alternatives make your journey out of bed any easier. Also, try changing up location of where your alarm is- if it’s right next to your bed you are inevitably going to just keep tapping that snooze button with your eyes closed- something you cannot do if it’s the other side of the room.


  1. Down a pint:
    Now, this may be a slightly less well known and simple one, but out of all of them I found this one was the most effective by far! Keep a pint of water on your bedside table and when your alarm goes off, sit up and force yourself to drink it all. As well as quenching that morning dry mouth, somehow this managed to perk us up enough to not fall back to sleep. And it gives you that smug feeling of living a healthy virtuous lifestyle before you even get out bed. Win-win.


So, whilst they didn’t all work for us, and admittedly it is still a bit of a struggle to get up early with the shiny positivity of the models on the side of the cereal box, we did find some of them helpful. If you disagree, or have any other ingenious ideas, feel free to tell us about them!

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