Get Date Night Back

Written by: Michaela Drake

As parents you may find that you are going on fewer date nights than before the kids arrived. You are not alone. Some of us had our last date night so long ago that we can’t actually remember when it was – shocking! 


This is understandable in the very early baby days where you are walking around in a zombie like state due to only actually getting 10 minutes sleep a night. But does this date night hiatus need to continue as the kids get older? The answer is no. In fact, the answer is that it defiantly should not. Why? Read on…


Keep that spakle alive



Date Nights are the perfect opportunity to really communicate with each other, without the distractions (and interruptions) from a busy home. You will actually get time to sit down, and talk to each other and actually finish a conversation. Can you remember that last time that happened? Remember to listen to each other and don’t just talk about the kids. 



With little people in our lives, sometimes it’s easy to neglect your partner. Date nights are the perfect opportunity for some romance and reignite that spark. Concentrate on giving each other attention. Dress up and make an effort. Take time to complement each other and remind yourself why you fell in love. No nagging permitted. Don’t have a go at each other for not making the bed/doing the dishes etc.



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With kids in our lives things can be busy. Things can get stressful as we are juggling home, work and family. Taking time out as a twosome can be a great remedy to the stress of everyday life. Make use of those last minute theatre tickets. Drink some cocktails, sip nice wine, eat nice food, go dancing – whatever takes your fancy. Date Nights are all about time for you, be selfish and do something for the two of you.


How often?

No we are not suggesting you go out every night, unless you want to of course, but a recent study by The Marriage Foundation has found that married couples who go out on as few as one date night a month are more likely to stay together. 

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No more excuses, try and make some time, book a trusted babysitter now and #GetDateNightBack