3 ways to help your kid build self-esteem

Written by: Michaela Drake

Self-esteem is not innate. It is built with love and education from parents, but also in interaction with peers and social environments. Empowering a child doesn’t mean neglecting them. It actually requires a lot of effort and courage from the parents.


Here are some tips to help your kid build self-esteem:


Let kids make their own choices 

For example: Let them decide whether to wear a coat, a winter hat or mittens in winter. They will learn the difference between warm and cold on their own and will be more aware of their needs. When kids make their own age-appropriate choices, they feel more powerful and will want to take more responsibility over their own choices and bodies.


Encourage them to be curious 

As a parent, you have the opportunity to encourage your child's curiosity. Children are naturally curious. This is why very young children ask the question "why?" so often. And it's wonderful to see this little human being explore the vast world. Except that at the end of the 12549th "why? “we are tempted to cut short the exploration because we must admit that it is a little annoying.

Encourage them to ask questions. Rather than answer systematically, ask them the question: "What about you?" 

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The right to make mistakes


Tell your child that everybody can make mistakes. If you made a mistake, admit it. If your child makes one, explain to them what was the problem. By avoiding humiliating your child when he does something wrong, you preserve their self-esteem and the confidence they need to succeed in life.

Create a benevolent bond with your child and encourage them to use their mistakes as a stepping stone to do better next time. Knowing that one can always repair one's mistakes and that the learning of life passes through trial, error and adjustment.


Wanting to protect your child is natural, but if your little pumpkin never makes mistakes, it will be difficult for him to learn to act without you.


Trust yourself and trust your child.



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