3 Top Tips for Working Mums

Written by: Michaela Drake

As an active and busy mum it helps to prioritise and manage your time efficiently and to sort your life into smaller, easier to complete tasks. Creating a schedule and to-do lists can allow you as an overworked mother to manage your priorities.


Organising the home.


Preparing your evening meals can be a real headache for the weekly schedule... So - prepare meals in advance, especially packed lunches. You can prepare a few days at a time, or at least the evening before and save valuable ‘morning’ time. Cooking healthy home-cooked meals in bulk and freezing them prevents you from serving store-bought frozen meals or fast-food every night and allows you to eat healthily (and not think about chicken or carrots in the middle of an important meeting!).


To organize meals more efficiently, shopping on the Internet saves time, often you can save the shopping list and shop from ‘favourites’ meaning you can re order last weeks, and then make a few changes. It’s also the perfect way to avoid multiple trips to the shops and the wonderful toddler crisis over a toy they want, that they will inevitably forget all about 5 minutes later.


Cleaning your house everyday can make you go crazy and you probably won't have time to do it properly anyway, so thoroughly cleaning the house every weekend, and getting some help from the rest of the family is a certain way for an overwhelmed woman to make some time for herself.


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Organizing the children


For those with older children, anticipating the going back to school rush by purchasing the long list of supplies given by the school well in advance, is a great example of time management. And saves the last minute panic. The things we are always forgetting are checking the school shoes still fit, name labels for new school uniforms and Pencil cases are full.
The first week back at school can be the opportune time to arrange the homework schedule for the coming year, putting it up on a noticeboard somewhere obvious at home means there are no excuses.


Also leaving small note in the morning for the kids with a list of their chores or tasks and checking with a star chart or similar - means eventually they will become 'no-ask tasks'. No-one likes saying have you brushed your teeth twice a day, every day!


Preparing the list with them the night before will also make life easier the next morning!


Do what works for you.


Finding the right balance between your home and your work life is never easy! Nobody said you shouldn't mix the two as long as everything is done at the end -and you keep your sanity. Find what makes you the most comfortable and least stressed and stick to it.


You can end up doing some of your ‘work' at home and doing home tasks at your work.
Paying your bills at the office during your lunch break, checking your work email at home when your kids are having snacks or playing in their room. If this makes it easier for you to manage the day-to-day then it is a great use of time. But sometimes we actually just need a lunch break to rest!


Remember, you are just one (super) person, who’s wearing many hats. eg: wife, mother, worker, yourself. And while sometimes it can get heavy and overwhelming, take comfort in the fact that you are most definitely a SuperMum.

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