3 Must Have Organisational Apps for Parents.

Written by: Michaela Drake

Being a mum is easy!

You just need to be a mutli-functional magician... simple, right? Fortunately, mums with smartphones can get some help with great apps developed for specifically for parents.

Here are a few Apps to help you get organized and keep track of every precious moment.

Today's Parent - My Family App


Whether you are a new parent to a baby or an experienced mum or dad, this app will be undoubtedly very useful to you.

It is one of the best fully personalized tracking apps for mum, giving relevant information according to their baby’s age. You will be able to get daily tips, recipes, developmental advice and health information you need to raise happy little monkeys. The unique selling point of Today’s Parent My Family app is that it gives you a customized, regularly updated newsfeed for your child, all you need to do is to enter your kid’s birth date to get started.

Several other interesting options are also available such as a storybook feature where you can use your 1000 toddler’s photos and videos to create a digital scrapbook.

It is available on iOS and Android for free. Download it HERE.


Obba - Guide to Family Friendly London


Easy, convenient and fun - Obba give you a list of spots for kids that are nearby.

These locations are divided into several categories such as local kid’s activities, classes, family-friendly events & places in London. Select your wanted category and the app pulls up a list of what’s around you and what could interest you.

Obba also lists kid-related services in your area.


- Add a reminder to your calendar.
- Access and share interesting parenting related blogs and articles.

You can download it for free on iOS from their website and use it straight away!

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Mush Mums


Created by two mums, Mush is the new way for mums to meet other local mummies who have children of a similar age based on your hobbies, interests or any friends in common.

You just need to sign up and create a profile to pull your photos, location and occupation. This makes setup super fast and the app really easy to use.

Mush is a great way to find nearby mums like you who are also looking for friends (without having to start chatting to strangers in public and look like a weirdo!).

- Hub: Your Hub lets you see what's going on near you, from mums looking to sell things to local playgroups so you don’t miss anything around you!
- Messaging: A chat room to get in touch with mums you’ve met or even form a groups.

It is available for free for iOS and Android. Get it HERE.



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